How should we approach to this situation?

What goes to movies.stackexchange and what goes to anime.stackexchange related to animes?


movies.stackexchange has anime tag but there is no identify-this-anime tag. There is identify-this-tv-show tag which can be applied to animes, I suppose.

anime.stackexchange has identification-request tag

Is this related to this question also: SciFi/Movies overlap

And I think this is a related question also regarding to sci-fi: How do you distinguish when a question should be asked at SE movies vs. SE scifi?


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Indeed this is very related to the whole Movies-SciFi-Overlap discussion and to be resolved in more or less the same way. Thus there is naturally overlap between Movies & TV and Anime & Manga but this does neither mean anything anime is to be migrated from this site to Anime & Manga nor that a question would be closed as a duplicate if a similar question from another user already exists over there. One is the subject matter and the other is the medium. This makes questions about animes perfectly on-topic on both sites and it is just a matter of preference where you ask them.

Neither is there any need for an identify-this-anime tag, as animes are as well movies or TV-shows as any other animated movies or series (we don't have tags for identify-this-columbus-movie or identify-this-sitcom either). What you can do is use additional tags, like the mentioned anime-tag, in addition to identify-this-movie/tv-show, which are (along with many other genre-tags) there to further specify ID-questions.

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