Looking around the tag, I spotted we have at least 50 questions in the tag which are specifically asking for a short film, rather than a feature length movie.

Does this qualify it as deserving its own tag at this point? The numbers will certainly increase quickly judging by how many identify-this-x questions we get daily and if they were converted over, would be the 25th most popular tag on the site.

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    Well, at least taking some weight from identify-this-movie could defer the day when it becomes the most used tag of the site. And as inevitable as this day might be I don't want to imagine it. ;-) – Napoleon Wilson Jul 18 '14 at 11:36
  • Noooooo.....no more IDish tag. Anyways short film are films. so no more tag requirement needed here. – Ankit Sharma Jul 29 '14 at 20:42

I'm not sure such a distinction is really necessary, since short movies are in fact movies like any other movie, too. We in turn have a tag that can be added to questions, in the same way like decade or genre tags. While this of course requires effort from the asker to add that tag, this would be the same effort required to tag a question instead of , and ID questions often need proper retagging anyway.

Likewise am I not sure if the tag might encourage ID questions about any kind of short, like YouTube clips or whatever questionable media.


I do not have a problem with this .... but it will require some effort to re-tag.

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