An increasingly popular style of question is the format:

[What/Who/Which] is the [longest/most/biggest] Thingy in television/film

We have a couple of tags these questions can sometimes fall into such as , or , but there's still some fall-through or cases where both are appropriate.

Even if you ignore everything in those tags, I've identified 10 questions which would fit in this category on their own, but arguably all and s are also records.

So to the actual discussion:

  1. Do you agree we need a records tag for at least those 10 question?
  2. Do you think records should be created as a main tag and use first and most appearances as synonyms?
  3. Any other solutions?
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    Hmm, while the idea of a dedicated tag isn't too bad, I don't like the name records in particular. It comes across a bit too "trivia-encouraging" (for lack of a better term), though this might be subjective impression due to a more or less general disinterest in this whole category on my part. Other than that, I also think most- and first- deserve their own tags anyway and shouldn't be synonyms.
    – Napoleon Wilson Mod
    Aug 17, 2014 at 16:05


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