Please create a tag for the 100 TV Series of The CW. I have only 100 reps, and therefor I can't create one.

I need to ask a question on the 100.

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  • Tag only got created when its needed. So if you have any question on it, ask it and leave a comment for the required tag, so that any high rep user will create it for u. For more details refer here – Ankit Sharma Mar 12 '15 at 6:14

Tags can only exist if they have at least 1 question asked for them. They can't be created on their own, only by asking a question and just adding the tag to it. So just feel free to ask your question right away. If you don't have enough reputation to add the tag, just leave a comment under the question asking for it and someone with enough reputation will eventually add the tag for you. (Afterall, they'll usually even do it if you don't leave a message, but that's the most secure way.)

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