The message that now appears the first time you join a chat room (for a given site, it appears?) looks odd on M&TV's chat. Specifically, the "OK I'll keep it in mind" button isn't visible until you hover.

For reference here are the pop-ups from three different chat rooms: the C# room on SO, The h Bar on SE, and The Screening Room on SE:

C# chat room popup

The C# Chat room

Physics chat room popup

The h Bar

Movies & TV chat room popup

The Screening Room

As you can see, there's a big blank space where the button should be for M&TV, but if I hover over where the button should be, you can just barely make it out:

Movies & TV chat room popup with hover

| |

Thanks, fixed now. The movies.se theme has extra styling for buttons in the bottom area, and those extra styles were incorrectly applied here as well.

| |

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