Should questions about availability of movies on netflix or agreements Netflix has made over movies be allowed? I don't have anything specific in mind otherwise I'd ask it to get an honest opinion.

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The problem with questions about the availability of movies on any format is that this is 'localized' to use the language of stack-exchange, for two reasons:

  • Its only of interest to some people (not everyone can even get Netflix)
  • Its only for a certain point in time and will certainly go out of date.
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If its a specific question about how the Netflix service runs (or any streaming/dvd service including Amazon, Youtube, iTunes, Blockbuster, etc), it should be off-topic.

If it is a question about why a certain movie is not available on stream vs DVD for any of these services, I don't see a problem. Not concerning regional restrictions are fine.


  • "Why does Sony prevent Netflix from renting out Ponies Are Awesome 7: The Return of Ponystein" Fine
  • "Why does Paramount not allow their films in [Country X]" Off-Topic, burn it with acid(too localized)

If it is a question about whether a movie is available on [Stream], Netflix and others allows you to browse their directory as well as search for a title. So with that available, I believe availability questions should be Off-Topic because it shows a lack of research.

Something that must be kept in mind is that Netflix in particular have very different selections between their streaming and DVD service but the search feature I linked will state if an item is available only on DVD/Blu Ray.

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    No, a question is not too localized just because it's specific to a country. Please read Joel's explanation of “too localized”. I'm not convinced that the questions belong here, but it's not a matter of being too localized. Too localied would be “why doesn't the rental place down the street carry X”. – Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' Jan 12 '12 at 20:28

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