I wanted to ask this question in Movies Private Beta, but when I Post my question, it gives an error saying,

Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because:

It does not meet our quality standards.

Can someone explain why my question is rejected? (Sorry about my stupidity....)

This is the question I wanted to ask:


'Blue Valentine' movie ending


At the end of the movie do they (Dean & Cindy) separate? or Any other thoughts you got about the movie ending?



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The overall word (character) length is short so the filter must have picked up on that and other things that I am not aware of in the system of SE.

What are you trying to determine, a certain outcome? Maybe phrase it as follows,

Title: Outcome of relationship at the end of 'Blue Valentine'

Always put meat into the title.


I have not watched this movie so this a todo section for you.

  • Place in a little spoiler section to jog the memory of those who did see

  • Explain your research for and against why you think the separation occurred (camera placements, character expressions .. etc)


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