I saw a question the other day on a different SE site


It is about a video series identification. It got it's answer none-the-less, but technically it's not really about biology so some people think it doesn't belong there

Would this question have been on-topic here? What if a video was neither a movie nor part of a tv series?

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Aside from the detail of the question, if the "video series" was shown on TV (or was a movie) then as a general rule it would have been on topic.

I guess, as an edge case, it might be on-topic if it was widely available on VHS/DVD etc.

If it was not...then the answer would be NO.

In it's current form I would tend to think that it's missing some information that would make it a really quality question.

Our "Identify-X" help guidance can be found at this link

Some missing information that could have been added:

  • An approximate showing/release date (we don't know when you were in school).

  • Original Language

  • Country of Origin (I'm assuming US but it's not clear)

  • agreed. I think the person on the other site got lucky that someone knew what it was. we would want this other information so that those that want to dig, can
    – DForck42
    Apr 3, 2017 at 21:48

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