Ghost In The Shell exists as a Japanese media franchise, and the recently released movie is part of that franchise (because it is a live-action film adaptation of the original Ghost in the Shell manga).

I know about "Disambiguation between franchise and movie tags", but that doesn't seem to have ended in an agreed upon convention.

It seems users already created a tag specifically for the recent movie: https://movies.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/ghost-in-the-shell-2017 . Is this the correct way to go?

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I think SF&F had a similar discussion relatively recently (or at least it popped up on their meta).

Basically the tag that is created first gets the main (simple) tag rights...in this case anime "wins".

Although this 'first' tag could use its own tag wiki and a disambiguation note. [EDIT - Added]

The later movie tag with the added designation "2017" after seems fine to me and is perfectly clear.

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