I am sure that an upvote on a question is worth +5 reputation.

Now what I want to talk about here is the fact that earlier today, I gained +5 reputation from my question:

How do film producers and crews film movies based on entire or just a proportion of towns and cities (real cities and towns)?

It did in fact give me +5 reputation and it gave me that no problem.

What I am confused about is that, only about a minute ago I suddenly got +8 reputation from the SAME question, though no upvotes or downvotes has happened to the question recently after the question's upvote.

It did give me a reputation boost to 2,458 but I don't know why the site gave me an additional 8 reputation just out of nowhere.

Now to look at my profile, earlier I got +5 from the question mentioned above:


And from the supposed +8 reputation, it has had no affect on the 'reputation gained since your last visit to the reputation tab' and it still sits at +5 reputation.

Why did this happen?

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Your question actually had an additional two upvotes (+10) and two downvotes (-4) [at the time of writing].

enter image description here

So the positive score (1) remains apparently the same but isn't just (+1) it's actually (+3/-2) which is a net +1.

This would be the difference you are seeing. Probably 2 upvotes and a downvote for a net +8 rep gain.

You can always visit your reputation audit at https://movies.stackexchange.com/reputation

Or for more detail on your profile page - https://movies.stackexchange.com/users/43257/natural?tab=reputation

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