Not only did this year see the death of horror pioneer George A. Romero, October was also the 49th anniversary of the release of his first movie Night of the Living Dead, considered by many the first modern zombie movie, and together with its filmmaker one of the founding fathers of the entire genre. So befitting Halloween and due to popular demand we're starting a new topic challenge. From 2017-10-31 12:00 UTC to 2017-11-10 23:00 UTC we're challenging you to all your great questions about films and TV-shows written or directed by George A. Romero.

Once the challenge is over, we'll tally the results and winners (by question votes) here. Also don't forget to suggest and vote for new topics for our next possible challenge.

  • I suggested Romero/zombies last January (ahead of his February birthday) and my suggestion was deleted by Ankit. I honestly don't know why it was deleted from a thread about topic challenge suggestions. Commented Nov 11, 2017 at 17:40

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The challenge is over and the top-voted question (with a score of 7 and ~140 views) was asked by Nik-Lz, which makes him the winner of this challenge:

1. Why the shot of the Muslim Prayer in the opening credits scene?

The other question asked, with a score of 4 and ~55 views, was:

  1. How much connected is the Night of the Living Dead film series?
  • Actually a remake, but Wikipedia gives him writing credit.
    – Napoleon Wilson Mod
    Commented Nov 11, 2017 at 1:43

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