I just saw this question which was posted:

Were any of the The Matrix movies released with extended editions?

I'm curious why this was marked as off-topic? I think the reason given was meant to deter people from asking where they could download or watch pirated content, but asking a question about extended editions seems like it should be allowed here. Am I misunderstanding the reason for that use of "off-topic"?

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This close reason is for questions which are asking for a list of movies/TV shows or sources where they can buy/download them.

Recommendation questions asking for movies/TV-shows or resources to locate or watch movie/TV content are off topic.

However, the reason that made me VTC that question was these two.

And if so, in which boxset would they be found in?


there's no mention of where those extended versions can be found

This is a borderline case where OP seems to be asking both if there were any extended versions and where to find them if yes. Editing these parts out can make this question on-topic here.

I've reopened the question with required edits.

Thanks for bringing it up.

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    Just so I can narrow it down, suppose I knew that one released version of Oceans 11 contains a commentary track with Brad Pitt and one did not (which is true, BTW). If I wanted to find out which release contained the Pitt commentary, that would be off-topic because I'm asking where to find it? If that's true, can we discuss whether we can be flexible with that requirement? I can see in certain circumstances where that type of question could be paramount; such as fans who want to track down the last officially released version of Star Wars (aka Ep. IV) prior to Lucas' "enhancements". Nov 30, 2018 at 14:27
  • Off-Topic: "Where can I buy or watch the version that has commentary?" On-Topic: "Which version has commentary?"
    – sanpaco
    Dec 10, 2018 at 18:20

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