I’ve noticed a couple of questions being posted on the Movies.SE Twitter account recently that are no longer valid:

I don’t know the exact reasons these questions were chosen for the Twitter feed - perhaps because they have no answers?

Is there anything we can/should do about these? Seems like the questions themselves should probably be closed/deleted since they are never going to get an answer now. Is it worth going through the identify tag to find any more?

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The Twitter bot shouldn't actually post any meta questions, relevant or not. However, that's apparently just a bug that's running rampant with all the automatic SE Twitter feeds currently, as adressed in this related question. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do other than wait and hope SE doesn't prioritize it too much behind all the other matters they're busy with right now.

However, we will definitely not close or delete all the existing meta discussions just because we reached a conclusion for now. They're still part of the issue's history and part of how this conclusion was reached. Deleting that history would be even more confusing. I did practically close some of the more technical questions by adding a status- tag where appropriate, though.

UPDATE: This bug has been fixed already and the Twitter feed should be back to normal.

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