Due to the success of our previous challenges for answering unanswered questions, We're continuing our monthly habit of rewarding the best answer to any old unanswered question in order to encourage people to engage into solving some of our old unsolved problems. Thus independent from our more question-centered weekly topic challenge, we'd like you to answer any question that was asked more than 3 months before the current month and that doesn't have an answer yet.

To check for eligible questions you can use the search function or this data query. The top-voted answer given each month will be rewarded a bounty of 100 points if it has a score of at least 3 or has been accepted.

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    So how do you know which questions have been answered as part of this challenge? Do we need to post it somewhere? – Dijkgraaf Jan 3 at 1:34
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    @Dijkgraaf The criteria for which questions/answers are eligible are given above, all you need to do is answer those questions. If you mean how I know which answers to select as candidates/winners, through the magic of SEDE. – Napoleon Wilson Jan 3 at 1:54

The January 2019 challenge has garnered 41 answers, with the top voted answer (with a score of 5 and acceptance) coming from Laurel, which makes her the winner of this challenge and earns her a bounty of 100 additional reputation:

1. Runic inscription on Finn's mug

The other answers in order of votes are:

  1. (5) Why change translation text into a picture for international versions?

    Were the sex scenes in "The Handmaiden" perceived as inauthentic, e.g. by lesbian reviewers?

  2. (4+V) Who are these two persons Travis was staring at?

  3. (4) The Travelers loophole

  4. (3+V) Kern's eavesdropping in Three Colours: Red

  5. (3) Does the cat have a significance in Inside Llewyn Davis?

  6. (2+V) Why does Mattie become angry at Mr. Younger?

    What is Terry's connection to Nevada in S05E01?

    Were the references to substandard food in Spider-Man: Homecoming a dig at the previous Spider-Man duology?

    Why did the Big Guy say "Small world" when she first arrived?

  7. (2) What attracted Selby to Lee when she first met her?

    Explaining the door between the offices of House and Wilson

    What is the significance of Captain America Comics?

    How did Hannah and Tony meet in "13 Reasons Why"?

  8. (1+V) Why did Merrimen's girl tell him "I did what you told me" after sleeping with Nick?

    Can anyone explain this reference with Jeremy Piven?

    Why the movie titled "Babylon A.D."?

    Where is Turkish's boxing office?

    Why does Marty put a golf ball in his glove?

    Why was Will Graham not charged with the attempted murder of Hannibal?

    Why did the Fairy Queen have to die for a poor deal?

  9. (1) What did Edith/Sydney whisper in Irving's ear?

    Chaplin was a composer too?

    What attracted Selby to Lee when she first met her?

    The Travelers loophole

    The Travelers loophole

    Why did WCKD send new kids up to the Glade once a month?

    Why do fairies' lives not matter?

    What's exactly happening to Charlotte Byrde in the swimming at night scene?

  10. (0) Why didn't the last survivors of krypton go to the phantom zone to live?

    Can someone explain the ending of the movie "Bleed"

    What attracted Selby to Lee when she first met her?

    Why did they still accept Deckard into the family even after what he'd done in previous movies?

    Why is Philip 'Lip' Gallagher such a sad character in Shameless?

    Film Location of Don Ciccio's Villa

    Why did Olivia's family celebrate Thanksgiving?

    Why do the three boxes appear when the parademon explodes?

    When can companies (or other entities) be directly referenced?

    Why were so many character names changed in the 1974 Murder on the Orient Express?

  11. (-1) Why did the werewolf kill an "innocent" victim?

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