I saw a few questions about the Transformers franchise and the movie scripts are full of inconsistencies. Question like "why don't they use lasers in combat when they had lasers to open up a ship made of the same metal" and the different ways to kill a Transformer.

Since the answer is, essentially, bad writing, should we mark these type of questions together as duplicates and have a canonical answer to rule'em all? Should we accept questions when the only answer is an obvious plot hole? Is it really constructive (as asked before here on Meta)?

Something in the lines of this answer, perhaps more generic.

The complete and utter lack of consistency in death within a story (besides being a Micheal Bay movie) is the common trope of “Plot Armour”

Sometimes referred to as "Script Immunity" or a "Character Shield", Plot Armor is when a main character's life and health are safeguarded by the fact that he's the one person who can't be removed from the story. Therefore, whenever Bob is in a situation where he could be killed (or at the least very seriously injured), he comes out unharmed with no logical, In-Universe explanation.

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Firstly, we no longer have "Not Constructive" close reason.

At best it could be argued that the answer is "Opinion-based" and closed for that reason.

It's also, perhaps, relevant to point out that what is currently a "plot-hole/inconsistency" MAY be cleared up in a future movie/show in the same universe.

However, the real danger here is that users will reach for that close vote option where, in fact, an in-universe reason might exist.

As I said elsewhere..

Sometimes the answer to a question is "We don't know" or "The movies aren't consistent" and should be answered on that basis.

That doesn't make the question invalid/bad/unworthy even if, in our heads, we're thinking "well that's obvious".

If the answer is "Yes, it's plot-hole" then so be it.

Users can Upvote/Downvote on the answer as they wish but closing the question probably isn't useful.

  • But in cases of "yes, it's a plot hole" could we have one canon and mark the rest as dupes? at least for questions about the same movie or the same franchise?
    – Luciano
    Jun 21, 2019 at 9:52

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