so when answering this question

Why did the dad try to shoot Victoria, and what happens to the real mom?

I came across a video on youtube that shows the opening sequence to the movie but its clear someone has recorded their television using a mobile phone or some other recording device. I know previous questions have said its acceptable to link to youtube but his looks like blatantly like piracy, so would it still be acceptable to link?

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  • i saw that but read this and thought it was kind of contradictory movies.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1186/… – RappaportXXX Aug 23 at 12:08
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    I can see why you think they are contradictory. It's a grey area - its not our responsibility to police YouTube. They have mechanisms in place to request content is taken down. That said I wouldn't link to something that is obviously going to break copyright - a full copy of a recent movie for example. If nothing else its likely that the content will eventually be taken down, rendering the link useless. – iandotkelly Aug 23 at 19:05

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