Similar to our previous challenges for answering unanswered questions, we're continuing our monthly habit of rewarding the best answer to any old unanswered question in order to encourage people to engage into solving some of our old unsolved problems. Thus independent from our more question-centered weekly topic challenge, we'd like you to answer any question that was asked more than 3 months before the current month and that doesn't have an answer yet.

To check for eligible questions you can use the search function or this data query. The top-voted answer given each month will be rewarded a bounty of 100 points if it has a score of at least 3 or has been accepted.

  • when do you usually update these? – DForck42 Jan 30 at 17:23
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    @DForck42 Update what? The challenge results? Whenever I get around to it. I try to do it in the month after, but sometimes I also forget it and do two months at once, in that case the votes might not reflect the exact score at the end of the month. – Napoleon Wilson Jan 30 at 17:25
  • neat, thank you! – DForck42 Jan 30 at 17:26

The January 2020 challenge has garnered 11 answers, with the top voted answer (with a score of 4) coming from user45266, which makes them the winner of this challenge and earns them a bounty of 100 additional reputation:

1. How old are Love Händel?

The other answers in order of votes are:

  1. (2) Does the little boy Brock know who poisoned him?

  2. (1) Why did the detective help drop the charges against the cult leader in Sinner season 2?

    How do Cobb's children know which hotel he's staying at in Kyoto in Inception

    Why didn't Sonny kill the hostages?

    What is a map of India doing at a US Army hospital?

  3. (0) Ben Gardner's eye in Jaws

    What Object Did Marilyn Take and What Does it Mean?

  4. (-1) What is the significance of the cat in the final episode of The Sopranos?

  5. (-2) Watching Stewie sleep and rubbing knife against face reference?

  6. (-5) Was Alex Forrest actually pregnant?

  • 1
    I'll try not to let it get to my head :) Seriously, thank you for the award. I didn't know about this challenge until you pinged me saying I had won it! – user45266 Feb 12 at 18:28

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