I've asked this question 2 years ago that I'm trying to re-open now. It is a cinema history question that I really want to know the answer of.

What movie takes place entirely underwater?

I've tried to update it to make it on-topic 2 years ago but it wasn't re-opened.

I've even updated further now and also included the similar questions that weren't closed. It is not an empty trivia question or a question about an unimportant detail in a movie. It pertains to the whole cinema history and the answer would help me further to understand the techniques used.

Could it be re-opened?


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I have cast the final reopen-vote along with a few tweaks to the question. It is certainly surfing the fuzzy edge of list/first-appearance/has-there-ever questions, an edge worth guarding against useless lists based on random nonsense criteria. All the existing close-votes were for "recommendation", which kind of makes sense as the go-to reason for list questions, but if we take a closer look at the actual question, we'll see it's a lot more than that.

The question makes a strong point for it being a rare scenario (based on prior research) and for how that makes it relevant historically. Therefore, it doesn't necessarily even have to strongly concentrate on the first-appearance aspect to make sense as a reasonable question, so I deliberately left it straddling between first-appearance and is-there-any, since while the latter can be a little open-ended, concentrating on the former would be just...bland. There is a good point made for there not being any to begin with.

However, this is not an invitation for random answers throwing a movie name at the wall and seeing what happens. You got a reopened question asking for a curiosity in film-making, now give it the elaborate answers it deserves. But I'd prefer policing the answers rather than shutting off a question that does go to the extra effort of separating itself from the random nonsense lists we actually discourage here.

For more discussion on the difficult question of what a list question even is and to which degree they are appropriate questions, this old discussion might offer some insight, too.

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