I'm trying to find out what's wrong with this question. But i couldn't.


I don't think this question is bad enough to get 5 down votes and i'm sure it's on-topic.

I would request some moderator to shed some light on what's wrong with that question? Because that'll help me to ask the intriguing question in future.


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Initially, the question was about a specific word's first use in a movie. Which in itself, while intriguing due to the subjet matter, is different from our other first occurences because asking about a specific word is getting to be a little too nit-picky as pointed out in the comments.

Secondly, part of it is from the fact that I had attempted to make it more general, using swearing in general, but as it turns out, there is actually an exact duplicate of another question.

I will be merging the two shortly.


You are asking for Moderator opinions, but (since I did not downvote it myself) at least 3 non moderators have downvoted it. Really you should be asking for the opinion of the community in general.

I don't think the question is off-topic. You must remember that upvoting and downvoting is not a measure of whether something is on topic, it is primarily a measure of how interesting or useful people think a question is. People will also use it to suggest that something is off-topic too, but that is a secondary purpose and people with enough reputation should place a close vote if that is the case.

Honestly I think that people are just reacting to it not being that useful a question, particularly in its initial edit. The question claimed that (paraphrasing) most movies use the F and S words. This is just not true - there are many many genres of movies that have little or no swearing - the main exceptions being modern action and thriller movies. The question then asked 'what was the first movie to use the F-Word' to which I suspect that many people will think "who cares?".

Personally I would guess the former issue (the claim about most movies having swearing) is more likely to attract down votes. People will probably not punish a question just because they are not interested in the answer.

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