See What is the official etiquette on answering a question twice?

When you have two distinct answers, it's better to post two different answers than to put them both into one answer.

Does Movies & TV adopt that approach?

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Yes, it generally does. Providing multiple answers to a question can be fine if they are providing largely different or opposing viewpoints.

But of course, if your follow-up question, probably asked immediately after this one gets answered, will be why one of your answers got deleted then, let me tell you that it wasn't simply because you posted two answers. This has already been explained to you in the comments under one of your answers. If you'd taken more than 1 minute of time before running to meta to post an extremely broad question based on a very special answer and very special behaviour, you might have noticed that.

  • It just made me think of this, but it wasn't about my answers. Just wanted to know the policy, broadly.
    – user96544
    Commented Aug 14, 2022 at 23:22

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