I want to identify a musical piece played by a character in a TV series episode. Would such a question be on topic? If not, could you potentially suggest where I could look for such information?

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Yes, it's on-topic.

A similar issue has been raised in these prior meta posts:

I've wrote an answer to the first meta post listed above (currently the top-voted), so I'll just repeat some of the points I've already made there.

I've started a meta discussion post about identifying songs/music in movies back in 2012: Should questions about which artist sang or played a song or music in a movie be allowed? (If I'm not mistaken, this was the first meta discussion post here about identifying movie songs/music.) Two of the three answers to my meta post stated that identifying songs/music in movies is considered "trivia" and thus (was) off-topic, while the current top-voted answer stated that it is acceptable and not "trivia."

However, regardless of whether it’s considered trivia or not, according to the community consensus from Oct. 2022, trivia questions are no longer considered off-topic. You can find the relevant meta posts here: Which trivia questions are on-topic and which are off-topic? and We're retiring the "trivia" close-reason. (The current close vote reasons reflect the community consensus that "trivia" should no longer be a close vote reason, but the moderators have not updated the “What topics can I ask about here?” help center article and the site tour yet.)

Asking about songs or music in movies or TV shows can enhance the appreciation of the movie or TV show.

Only questions that ask to identify movies and TV shows (and episodes) from a description are considered off-topic in Movies & TV SE. For example, questions like “I remember [something] about a movie / TV show; what movie / TV show was this?” are closed as off-topic here. As far as I know, there is no community consensus to ban all questions that involve identifying something about a movie or TV show.

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