I would like to request the reopening of the question, What does Marty Jr yell while crossing the street in BTTF2? This question is currently closed as “trivia”. It recently got reopen votes; however, it was unilaterally left closed in the reopen review queue as “Original close reason(s) were not resolved” by a community moderator, preventing reviewers from seeing it in the reopen review queue.

As the OP has pointed out in the comments, we have many similar questions that are open and well-received on the site:

There are many “what does this character say” questions throughout the forum (the “related” column on this page is full of them).

Like the question mentioned in the meta post, Why did a moderator keep the question about identifying a painting in Eternals closed? (which has now been reopened by the community), keeping the question closed is contrary to community consensus. The community has changed its stance to now allow “trivia” questions, and the “trivia” close reason is no longer valid. The question is interesting and has potential value for future visitors who might be curious about the same thing.

I request the moderators and the community to reconsider this question and vote to reopen it: What does Marty Jr yell while crossing the street in BTTF2?

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    It's been reopened now
    – Valorum
    Jul 20, 2023 at 11:44

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(I wrote an answer to avoid the automatic deletion of this meta discussion post by the Community bot (AKA "Roomba"). Since it’s currently negatively scored, had no one written an answer, the meta post would have been automatically deleted, dismissing it entirely.)

As of July 20, 2023, the question "What does Marty Jr yell while crossing the street in BTTF2?" has been reopened, respecting the community consensus on "trivia" questions. Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting.

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