Stack Exchange has announced that sites can now request to enable a banner to warn about their policy on AI-generated content. This banner could help prevent low-quality AI-generated posts from being posted in Movies & TV SE.

As discussed in this meta post: “How should we deal with AI-generated posts?”, the community consensus is that AI-generated content are banned in Movies & TV SE.

We could opt for this banner text option:

Reminder: Answers generated by artificial intelligence tools are not allowed on Movies & TV Stack Exchange. Learn more

What are your thoughts? Should we request that this banner be enabled?

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    Apologies for the long turnaround time on this request. The banner is now enabled, with the "Learn more" link leading to the AI Policy help center article.
    – Berthold StaffMod
    Commented Apr 9 at 2:37

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Having decided against the use of AI/LLM generated content, the least we can do is warn potential answerers that this is now the case.

Regretfully, we cannot rely on users reading Meta to discover this information.

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