I think the question, “What is the painting J. Paul Getty buys in 'All the Money in the World'?”, deserves to be reopened. It was closed as off-topic for being a trivia question, but that’s not a valid close reason anymore.

The community changed its position on trivia questions years ago and decided to allow them, so the trivia close reason is no longer applicable. The question has value, and it does not fall under any of our existing close reasons. It could enhance the appreciation of the film for others who may have a similar query.

The question is similar to the one mentioned in the meta post: “Why did a moderator keep the question about identifying a painting in Eternals closed?” - which was reopened by the community.

I’m concerned that its reopen votes will expire soon. I believe at least 5 users have voted to reopen, but one or more votes have already expired. Can we please get some more votes to reopen this question, or at least a clear explanation of why it’s still off-topic?

Here are some of the meta posts where the community agreed to stop closing trivia questions as off-topic:

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It has been reopened.


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    Thank you to everyone who voted to reopen. Fun fact: 7 users voted to reopen the question. (2 reopen votes have expired.) Feb 2 at 7:35

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