I'm not sure would a music video quite fit in with the theme Movies and TV but then again there isn't another site I could see that would be more related.

So I'm wondering is this site the best for asking about music videos? If not then which Stack Exchange site would be best?

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Music Video is a bit of a grey area, but if the question is primarily about the video - story, themes, acting, cast etc, then it would probably be on topic. If it is primarily about the music or the artist, then probably not.

I can think of examples of music video which would clearly (IMHO) be on topic, for example Cloudbusting by Kate Bush tells a story of Willhelm Reich and son making a rain making machine, and stars Donald Sutherland and Terry Gilliam was involved in the creative process.

On the other extreme, a music video just involving the band playing the song is less interesting to the community here and a question would risk down voting at the very least.

If the question is more about AV production techniques, then the Audio Visual Production beta site may be more suitable.

  • Just like Movies&TV, I think there should be a site for Music - videos, chords, tunes, lyrics, etc. There seems to be only one which is more for musicians and creators of music.
    – John
    Commented Mar 3, 2015 at 6:38

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