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How historically accurate is the TV series Spartacus?

It might be just me misunderstanding the accepted answer, but it seems to me that it relies on parody article from somethingawful.com as fact. Even though it does link to a second more factual article.

What's the policy on this sort of thing?


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I covered something similar a while back that accepted answers are by the asker's discretion.

The only other power anyone has short of developers changing it in the system Databases is voting. If you feel this is wrong, downvote and explain why and maybe even come up with a better answer that you feel is much more accurate.

I can't speak for the accuracy because I don't know that period of history, nor have I watched that series. And even so, my only powers would be the same. The only advantage moderators have in that regard in answer control is deleting answers, but that should be reserved for spam answers and those that are essentially comments anyway, not wrong answers. That is what voting is for.

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    +1 for coming up with a better answer. One of my favorite things abt any Stack site is the challenge of coming up with a better answer.
    – stevvve
    Jun 21, 2012 at 14:11

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