In our profile under the stats category, we can see our "profile views". I'm curious to know, Is there any options in SE sites to view the users according to their profile views, and sort them by profile views?

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At the bottom of this page there is a horizontal menu list that include the word data, which accesses the Stack Exchange Data Explorer. Apparently, once the Movie & TV site is out of beta, you will be able to input SQL queries to run custom reports. There are a number of stored queries people have done for other SE sites that you can look at.

  • Can anyone run the SQL queries once we are out of beta? Or do you have to be above a certain rep? Sep 4 '12 at 1:12
  • @PriestVallon I'm pretty sure anyone as all the data here is CC licensed.
    – Tablemaker
    Oct 2 '12 at 19:35

There is no way to do this using the site directly. What you can do, though, is employing the Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE), which provides a public interface to SE's internal data bases (well, not exactly all the internal data, but a subset in restructured form).

A query to list all users sorted by profile views could then be as easy as this one:

SELECT Id AS [User Link], Views FROM Users ORDER BY Views DESC

Keep in mind, though, that the data explorer isn't updated in realtime but only once a week (usually sunday morning UTC), as written in its help section.

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