I don't see the point of tag synonyms. I see bond for james-bond and nolan for Christopher-nolan. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a mod approve tags? We can even have people with enough rep do that by retagging. Just a thought.

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On a site as small as this, you could have a moderator approve all tags. It would require co-ordination, and a governing tagging 'scheme' but there are only 3 moderators on this beta site. This would start to break down if the number of people grew (more moderators or people with enough reputation).

On a larger site like StackOverflow or Super-User, with many more moderators this co-ordination would be unwieldy and I could see it breaking down.

The tagging mechanism (whilst not ideal) is a way of dealing with tagging without having to have significant co-ordination with other people.

Unfortunately we have to share the same platform with other sites that are significantly larger than we are.


Tag synonyms are an easy way for us to associate tags that have different names but have the same meaning. You list two excellent examples: and , and and .

In these examples, we would make james-bond and christopher-nolan the parent tag because it's more descriptive and make bond and nolan a synonym. What this does is it allows people to tag with either one, but end up in the same listing for clarity and cohesiveness.

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