Albeit I'm slightly early, I want to congratulate everyone on an awesome first year.

Here's hoping to a good second year, and hopefully a graduation to full site status!

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    Graduation is not too far, we will reach it soon.
    – Ankit Sharma Mod
    Nov 29, 2012 at 6:31

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Since 2012 was a leap year I guess this is the official anniversary picture!

enter image description here

Looks very cute, doesn't it?


I cannot believe its been a year. Thank you all for making this a great site.


On complition of one year Our ratings is:

5.3 questions per day - Okay – 15 questions per day on average is a healthy beta, 5 questions or fewer per day needs some work. A healthy site generates lots of good content to make sure users keep coming back.

95% answered - Excellent – 90% answered is a healthy beta, 80% answered needs some work. In the beta it's especially important that when new visitors ask questions they usually get a good answer.

233 avid users 2,387 total users Excellent – Every site needs a solid group of core users to assist in moderating the site. We recommend: 150 users with 200+ rep (currently 233 users with 200+ rep) 10 users with 2,000+ rep (currently 20 users with 2,000+ rep) 5 users with 3,000+ rep (currently 10 users with 3,000+ rep)

1.7 answer ratio Okay – 2.5 answers per question is good, only 1 answer per question needs some work. In a healthy site, questions receive multiple answers and the best answer is voted to the top.

5,389 visits/day Excellent – 1,500 visits per day is good, 500 visits per day needs some work. A great site benefits people outside the community. Eventually, 90% of a site's traffic should come from search engines.

Its a good sigh,we are in improving state.We will soon graduate to full site.


Happy Anniversary!


Happy anniversary to all my enthusiast, movie maniac friends. I am pretty sure the site is not far from graduation. :)

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