I've seen a few images attached to posts here on Stackexchange.


Where are these from? and is it possible for anyone to view this data?


Here is where I've seen these.

How come Movies and TV is still in beta?



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Those graphs are part of an internal toolset we use to analyze the overall health and trends of a site. But specific analytics data is intended for internal use only and the raw data is not generally shared with the public.

On occasion, I will post a somewhat-sanitized graph of the data like that to illustrate a larger point, like how a site is trending in its overall growth or whatever is being discussed. But no, it is not possible to view this data.


One source of information is quantcast: http://www.quantcast.com/movies.stackexchange.com

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As @DForck42 mentioned, its possible to peek at this stuff using Quantcast.

The view you have there is a Secret-Super-Special-Awesome-Mod-Power not available to normal users and only to ♦ Moderators.

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