Currently, I am facing strange problems in @ somebody in the comments. The following is a list where I am unable to @ the posters.


1) Why was Abe sent from the future and where is Abe in the present? Here I cant @iandotkelly

2) Did Kareena Kapoor charge Aamir Khan for talking to her? Here I cant @user221287

3) What kind of job three friends do in Pyaar Ka Punchnama? Here I cant @somnamth muluk

Please mods do look into the problem. It is quite troubling me as I try to be very polite during comments and @somebody is a nice way to be polite!

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This isn't a bug, it's the way the system is designed. The full details are given in this post on MSO, but basically, when you're commenting on a question or answer, the author of the question or answer is always notified of your comment, even without using @username. If there is not already an existing comment discussion on the post (roughly speaking), if you start your comment with an @-notification, it will be stripped off because it's not useful.

These @-notifications don't really contribute to politeness all that much, they're only there for convenience. Politeness on SE is more about what you don't say than what you do say.

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