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Shall we ban identification questions?

The consensus for now seems to be to try it further with identification questions on the site and see how it will pan out in the future. We will shortly post more meta discussions about how to deal ...
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How to improve the problem with identification questions?

As many of you know, one way or the other this site has a problem with identification questions. The large and rising influx of identification questions, which are often of rather low quality, ...
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Statistics on identification questions and their askers

Identification questions are a major point of discussion on this site and we all have our own subjective impressions about them. Therefore I would like to have some more hard numbers and statistics ...
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Why `identify-this-movie` questions are always downvoted even if perfectly valid?

I think this site need some moderation intervention, there are plenty of questions tagged identify-this-move, most of all are just downvoted, and people fear to put an answer because of downvoters. ...
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Should we close older Identify questions?

We have about 25% of our unanswered questions belonging to identify-this-movie, 9 of which were asked over 2 months ago (before March). I want to close them purely for the fact that they have been ...
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Should we encourage swifter deletion of bad ID questions?

While polling still hasn't closed on the featured discussion Shall we ban identification questions? (if you haven't voted there yet, go and do so now!), it looks at this point as if the community ...
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Extend the policy for deleting inactive identification questions

The impact of identification questions has been discussed by and large already and I want to concentrate here on a particular aspect whose reasons and counter-measures have been largely agreed upon ...
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What is wrong with my identify question?

I had this question posted 30 days ago: 1980s movie with imagery of car on dry lake bed It's all the details I can recall. It's a movie I've been trying to recall for a decade. It (the question ...
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Why questions get deleted?

Some examples
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my question was deleted

I asked a question about a film I am looking for and I logged in today to find that it has vanished. what happened to it? why was i not notified that it was removed? how can i recover my deleted ...
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Do poorly detailed ID questions really deserve to be answered or not?

As we all know that there are many poorly detailed ID questions coming on site every day and we have introduced a restricter policy and a deletion policy to get rid of such bad questions. This is a ...
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What guidelines does "Community" use to delete posts?

I just came across this question relating to Captain Phillips (2013): Why was the family's viewpoint not shown in the movie? If you look at the revision history, it was twice deleted by "...
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Is there a question penalty for a question that was deleted because it had no answers?

I believe that I had a question on the site that received one or two upvotes, but no answers that was under the heading of "Identify This Movie." (It was an Americanized version of the Sound of Music, ...
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Policy: deleting "identify" questions after 30 days

I was just informed that ... ID questions without upvoted\approved\any answers are usually deleted after 28 days. Now, assuming that it's a good question, the user has done their research, and ...
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My question disappeared - was it deleted or is this just a bug?

Some months ago I asked a question about a movie which I was struggling to identify for several years. Today I've discovered that my question is not there: However, as you see, this question received ...
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