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Corrections for Tag: Rush [duplicate]

There is a tag named rush. It has been assigned to two questions, both of them on the movie Rush (2013). Unfortunately there is also a movie Rush (1992), starring Jason Patrick and Jennifer Jason Lee. ...
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Separate TV/movie tags? [duplicate]

I asked a recent question about the movie Mission: Impossible. I elected not to tag it mission-impossible, as the description for the tag reads Series of spy movies based on the early 70s ...
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Should new tags distinguish between movies and TV or multiple versions? [duplicate]

There were a couple of questions about the 1997 movie The Saint that showed up on the front page today. I believe this movie was based on the 1960s TV series of the same name. There was no tag for ...
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Do you think it's time for a change in the way we use tags?

I would like to apologize in advance for the long post, this post encompasses a full change to how we use tags on Movies and TV by focusing on the types of tags that we allow on the site, rather than ...
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Create Tags for every movie I want to ask something about?

A few days ago I earned the 'create tags' privilege. My question for this privilege is short and simple: Should I create a tag for every movie which has no tag yet? I don't want to create a tag for ...
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Should two different TV series with the same name have the same tag?

There is a TV series called Shameless that has an American version and British version. Should both of them have the same tag called shameless? Or should they have separate tags like shameless-us and ...
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much-ado-about-nothing tag

This question is tagged with much-ado-about-nothing tag. This tag has been created for the Joss Whedon's movie question (and it's also used for one more question regarding this movie), while the ...
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Ampersand (&) character in tags

I just added a new question regarding the movie Tango & Cash which did not have an existing tag so I added it as tango-&-cash, but apparently this is not allowed by SE and instead two new tags ...
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Please change [Samsara] tag

Can someone with enough rep edit samsara to be samsara-2001 in accordance with this meta answer), then add in the tag info that this is about the 2001 movie
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Rules of Engagement tags

This new question is about the Rules of Engagement 2000 film. This existing question is about the unrelated Rules of Engagement 2007-2013 sitcom. I tagged the first one as rules-of-engagement ...
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Tags for movies with the same name and remakes?

There are several movies that share the same title. Sometimes they are completely different movies and not remakes. How should we tag these? foo-1950 and foo-2010? Also, the series title may be the ...
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Tag creation: [Suspiria-2018] and [Suspiria-1977]

Seeing that there are 2 movies with the exact same name shall I create these tags to help differentiate them? (not that there are billions of questions for these anyway, so no rush...)
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