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I got downvoted for asking help with a movie that I barely ever remember [duplicate]

On the Movies & TV Stack Exchagne site, I asked "What is the movie that features a wife killing her husband after finding out he killed many innocent people during the war?" A person commented "...
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Shall we ban identification questions?

The consensus for now seems to be to try it further with identification questions on the site and see how it will pan out in the future. We will shortly post more meta discussions about how to deal ...
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Identify This Movie Questions?

Are identify this movie questions to be encouraged? They are one of my favourite tags on gaming, but quite a few are closed due to lack of details or often multiple edits are needed to turn it into a ...
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How to improve the problem with identification questions?

As many of you know, one way or the other this site has a problem with identification questions. The large and rising influx of identification questions, which are often of rather low quality, ...
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Why are movie and TV show identification questions so underrated?

I have noticed that many questions tagged with identify-this-movie identify-this-tv-show do not have very many votes, and regularly have negative votes. Is there a specific reason why these questions ...
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Are we too strict with "identify this movie by a single scene" questions?

A recent identify-this-movie question got downvoted fast and got the usual "more information" comment. The question asks to identify a movie by a single scene but gives no further information about ...
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Automatically remind users for the age, country and language of a film

How many times have you seen a "Country, age and language?" comment to an identify-this-thingy question? I'll bet it's every single damn time, or as close as makes no differences. Would it at all be ...
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Is it fair to downvote a poorly constructed question by a new user

I have been observing this on Movies & TV for quite some time, that a new user (usually with a reputation of 1) asks a poorly constructed question for example - Identify-this-movie question but ...
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Why are we downvoting off-topic ID questions?

I've recently noticed a pattern that Movie Identification questions tend to get down voted and then VTC'd as off-topic if they aren't up to snuff. This is significantly unfair to the asker, ...
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What is the difference between close-voting detail-lacking ID questions and deleting inactive ones?

There has been quite some confusion recently as to what to do with old inactive ID-questions and what the difference is between close-voting for "not enough detail" and deleting for inactivity, ...
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Feature - Guidelines for Identify-This Questions - Reposition?

Someone uses the identify-this-movie tag and a new section pops up between the Tags section and the Post button that gives some help and some clarifications of common stuff people forget to add to ...
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Identify-This-X question put on hold

I recently asked this question a few days ago, asking for some help identifying this movie, for which I had a very vague memory. That scene I felt was unique enough for it to be identified, and even ...
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