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Shall we ban identification questions?

The consensus for now seems to be to try it further with identification questions on the site and see how it will pan out in the future. We will shortly post more meta discussions about how to deal ...
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We are discontinuing support for identification questions

NOTE: Got linked here but don't really care about all the meta discussion? Just want quick help with identifying your movie? Take a look at this question and its answers. Since its very inception ...
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Identify This Movie Questions?

Are identify this movie questions to be encouraged? They are one of my favourite tags on gaming, but quite a few are closed due to lack of details or often multiple edits are needed to turn it into a ...
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What can we do with generic "NAME THIS MOVIE" question titles?

This site is beginning to be plagued with questions that have useless titles such as: Name this movie. Help! I need this movie title. I don't remember the title of this movie. who is this actor I ...
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365 days out of beta: Where do we stand?

As you might have noticed, this site graduated about a year ago. This might be the right time to look back at the previous year, or even the whole site lifetime, and see how we are doing. This is a ...
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Discussion on identification questions

In Jeff Atwood's post Let's Play The Guessing Game, he pretty much condemned that identification questions just don't work too well in the Stack Exchange format. However, our sister site Science ...
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Statistics on identification questions and their askers

Identification questions are a major point of discussion on this site and we all have our own subjective impressions about them. Therefore I would like to have some more hard numbers and statistics ...
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Why `identify-this-movie` questions are always downvoted even if perfectly valid?

I think this site need some moderation intervention, there are plenty of questions tagged identify-this-move, most of all are just downvoted, and people fear to put an answer because of downvoters. ...
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Improve and extend the automatic tag-popup for identification questions

We currently have a feature in place that creates an automatic tag-popup whenever someone uses the identify-this-movie tag. This tag popup shows a message asking for providing as much details as ...
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Influx of recent low-to-no rep users asking really poor questions

First of all, where are they coming from? Did we advertise a sale or something? OK, but seriously, is it just that the site is growing, or was there some real attempt to get people here en masse? ...
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Are we too strict with "identify this movie by a single scene" questions?

A recent identify-this-movie question got downvoted fast and got the usual "more information" comment. The question asks to identify a movie by a single scene but gives no further information about ...
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Why are identification questions not allowed here, but allowed on the Science Fiction & Fantasy site?

I found that the Science Fiction & Fantasy site indeed allows such questions. What is the difference between the topics of these two sites that caused these different decisions? Or is it just that ...
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How to handle low quality identification answers?

Yes, I'm talking about the answers to identification questions. While we have a few measures to handle low quality identification questions to some degree, one of the problems of those kinds of ...
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Automatically remind users for the age, country and language of a film

How many times have you seen a "Country, age and language?" comment to an identify-this-thingy question? I'll bet it's every single damn time, or as close as makes no differences. Would it at all be ...
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Is it fair to downvote a poorly constructed question by a new user

I have been observing this on Movies & TV for quite some time, that a new user (usually with a reputation of 1) asks a poorly constructed question for example - Identify-this-movie question but ...
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