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What is the difference between close-voting detail-lacking ID questions and deleting inactive ones?

There has been quite some confusion recently as to what to do with old inactive ID-questions and what the difference is between close-voting for "not enough detail" and deleting for inactivity, ...
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Maintaining, improving and cleaning up identification questions

Recently the community has decided to still try it further with identification questions on the site. So they remain on-topic for now and we'll see how that pans out in the future. So what to make of ...
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How to handle low quality "plot-explanation" questions

Today I've stumbled upon the following question and, as it already happened to me a few other times, I'm not quite sure what is the best way to handle such posts. The question is surely not a high-...
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Can I ask for help in identifying an old video posted on the internet?

It would been a "meme" or viral video by today's standards, but I vaguely remember it from back when YouTube was first gaining traction. It isn't really a "Movie" and it would never have been on "TV" ...
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