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What should our FAQ contain?

In order to prevent this site from turning into Trivia central we need some borders. I don't think we can get all in one go (or even at the end of private beta) but we could at least start. Working ...
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Should we merge with TV?

Now that Television is on-topic for the Movies site, I move that we include TV completely, and invite people following the TV proposal to come hang out with us. I noted in another answer that being ...
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What are movies?

This is an on-topic question. We all want questions about movies to be on-topic, but what are movies? Every thinks to know, but can we really give a definition? Is it release for cinema? But what ...
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How come Movies and TV is still in beta?

This site has been online for a while now, and is very active, but it's still in beta. Shouldn't this site be made an official part of the stackexchange?
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Why limit the scope of television?

While am I personally against the merging of television and movies, it seems the community is for it, so I'll go along. However, as stated in Final TV Decision: However, Works of Non-Fiction (News ...
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Where do television series fit in?

Where do questions about television series fit in. It probably will not fit in Is there any other place where queries about television series fit in?
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Should we cover TV Series here? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Final TV Decision There's the whole thing with TV Buffs, they're still pretty far off from getting a beta, I'd say. So do we take an active stand to encourage questions about ...
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Including non-theatrical "Movies" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Final TV Decision Sorry for this "duplicate" post but related discussions are spread throughout meta and the Q&A. There has been a lot of discussion circling around ...
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Should TV-movies off-topic? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Final TV Decision In an comment to another question @Aarthi states: According to Princeton University, a television show is "a program broadcast by television," which ...
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TV discussion consensus [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Final TV Decision In an effort to make the scope clear to new users and keeping items focused, I propose that all movies and only movies (even non-theatrical) be included in ...
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Are TV specials on-topic? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Final TV Decision Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) is a 47 minute long TV special that aired on NBC and then later on CBC. The narrative goes something like Rudolph has ...
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