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Will scifi.SE be implemented in any way? [duplicate]

This is the first time for me on SE that a site is splitting up. For me it seems like that movies and TV used too much attention for a formerly book- and comic-based site (scifi.SE). When this site ...
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Really? Just accused by a moderator of attempting to “force advertise” another Stack Exchange site to a user while commenting on a question

Preface: I’m not deeply active on this site, but respect this site, like its content, contribute to it when I can but honestly I am more active on other Stack Exchange sites and have been for a while. ...
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Asking Duplicate questions from SciFi to gain movie perspective

As far as I understand, cross posts between SciFi and movies are allowed SciFi/Movies overlap Though, I have recently found out that this is not the case when the user posting the duplicate is aware ...
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Are questions about specific plot details on topic?

There are already three of them: Did the FBI know about the mole in the police department and did they interfere with the investigation? What does the ending of ...
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Topic Challenge: Time travel in movies and TV [completed]

With the celebration of "Back to the Future Day" on October the 21st 2015 (the day Marty and Doc traveled to in Back to the Future 2) and due to popular demand we're starting a new weekly topic ...
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What's the strategy to bring the Sci-Fi.SE users to M&TV.SE too?

There are lot questions asked in sci-fi, that genuinely belongs on our site i.e movies and tv. Now,I suspect most of the users might not know that there is an SE site for movies and tv. So how can we ...
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Should anime questions be migrated to anime.stackexchange?

How should we approach to this situation? What goes to movies.stackexchange and what goes to anime.stackexchange related to animes? Details: movies.stackexchange has anime tag but there is no ...
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Is "Science Fiction & Fantasy" a subset of "Movies & TV"? [duplicate]

Just trying to understand, would it be correct to say that the Scifi site is a subset of the movies site on stackexchange? Would an in-topic question asked on both sites earn the same kind of answers? ...
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Is SciFi the reason for Movies SE still being in beta?

I know that there is bound to be some overlap between sites on SE but there is an unusual amount of overlap between SE and Movies. My main problem is that clearly movie oriented questions appear on ...
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Question confusion [duplicate]

If I want to ask a question about game-of-thrones should I ask it in Movies.SE or Scifi.SE?
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