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What's trivia and where do we draw the line? [duplicate]

At least two users I have talked to said they are not interested in this site if it is just Trivia. To me trivia is well trivial, Who is the main actor in Superman? How many cars are in Gone in 60 ...
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The term "trivia" is just lazy. Can't we do better? [duplicate]

Officially, "trivia" is off-topic. But it's a poorly-defined category that we should be able to replace with more specific reasons. Can't we do better? I'm not the first person to be unsure of what "...
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Should movie trivia questions be closed?

Should we allow questions that are intended for trivia? e.g: Who played _ in __ movie / tv ? How many seasons did _ have? Who produced __ show? What was that movie that had __ (person) in it?
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Can we please redefine "trivia"?

Here's our current definition of the off-topic reason "trivia" from the "What topics can I ask about here?" help page: Unimportant trivia that does not add to the understanding or appreciation of ...
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We're retiring the "trivia" close-reason

First of all, I and the rest of the moderation team want to apologize that the following took a little while and maybe longer than it should have. We discussed this issue early on and were largely in ...
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ID Questions - better info in the Help pages

We no longer support ID questions. This is mentioned in Help - What topics can I ask about here?, but I don't think it's broad enough. In comments under a recently closed question asking to identify ...
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Why was the "What is the name of this Peanuts character?" question removed from the Hot Network Questions list?

I noticed that the question “What is the name of this Peanuts character wearing a purple shirt and purple/pink shoes?", which became a Hot Network Question 8 hours ago, was removed by a moderator ...
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Should we close questions that can be easily solved by reading the subject's Wikipedia page?

I just saw this question and quite frankly I want to close it, because it can be answered by simply visiting the movie's Wikipedia page. But there isn't a close reason for "lack of research", ...
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Why did a moderator keep the question about identifying a painting in Eternals closed?

The question, What is the name of this painting displayed on the Domo's wall in Eternals? - which was closed as both "trivia" and "identification" was unilaterally left closed ...
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Requesting the reopening of "What type of plant is Léon's plant?"

I would like to request the reopening of the question, “What type of plant is Léon's plant?”, which was closed as off-topic for the reason that “trivia questions are off-topic”. The “trivia” close ...
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Why was the "Songs sung in Beetlejuice (1988)" question deleted?

Why was the "Songs sung in Beetlejuice (1988)" question (Internet Archive mirror) deleted? Screenshot: I thought that a general (Stack Exchange's, cross-site) rule of thumb says that: We'...
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Can I ask for help identifying a piece of music in a TV series episode?

I want to identify a musical piece played by a character in a TV series episode. Would such a question be on topic? If not, could you potentially suggest where I could look for such information?
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Please update the site's close reasons, site tour, and help center to reflect the community consensus that trivia questions are no longer off-topic [duplicate]

It's been almost 3 months since the meta post, Which trivia questions are on-topic and which are off-topic? (+15/0 votes) was posted. It currently has two answers (+19/-1 and +11/-1 votes) stating ...
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Should we rename the Movies and TV network?

Shouldn't the site have a more specific URL than, and a more specific name than Movies & TV? It makes it look like it's everything about movies (and TV), which it's not. ...
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Requesting the reopening of "What is the painting J. Paul Getty buys in 'All the Money in the World'?"

I think the question, “What is the painting J. Paul Getty buys in 'All the Money in the World'?”, deserves to be reopened. It was closed as off-topic for being a trivia question, but that’s not a ...
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