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Topic of the Week

This is a quick way to expand the scope of the site and generate new questions and answers. How it works: - One topic will be designated each week starting Friday 0:00 (EST) and ending Thursday 23:59 ...
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A plea for sanity: What is this thing? I would like to know what this thing is called

This site has got a lot of history of discussion of 'identify-this-thing' questions on meta. Here are some that I found with a quick search; Should 'Identify This Movie' answers have more ...
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Questions regarding TV commercials

Would it be okay to ask questions regarding TV commercials here? For example, In what country [this] commercial was produced? What is the background song title used in [this] commercial? What is the ...
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Why was my "Identify-this" question put on hold for lacking information (off topic - Identification)?

Recently I posted a question of Identify X movie type. It was soon answered by some user, and I accepted the answer because I recognized it was the movie I was looking for. My question now is, why ...
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Repost of Questions from Other Sites

I've seen it mentioned on several questions where a thread question will be the exact question asked on another (unrelated to SE) site. What is to be done about this, if anything? I've seen responses ...
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Reference to original title?

When talking about a movie how can we make sure that everybody is talking about the same? In other words, is it mandatory to name the original title of a movie? Background: We had some questions ...
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Identification questions revisited [duplicate]

Some 4 months ago we had this discussion on identification questions whether these questions should be on-topic here. My answer was essentially: what's all the fuzz about? What's the difference with ...
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What's to do with images that don't help with the question

Some people attach images in their questions, even if these don't add any value in helping others to answer the question (example). Should these be edited?
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3 answers

If I see a good question on another site should I ask here to create a better catalogue of questions?

I've read this article about answering your own questions and it's actively encouraged. I'm wondering is it OK to copy questions from other sites and ask them here even if the question already has a ...
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Please provide some direction about how much more focused this needs to be

I've made several edits to this question trying to focus it for this site. But rather than guessing what is focused enough, could you please tell me how focused it needs to be? Even having some ...
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How to handle low quality "plot-explanation" questions

Today I've stumbled upon the following question and, as it already happened to me a few other times, I'm not quite sure what is the best way to handle such posts. The question is surely not a high-...
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Could we wait for a while before asking a question about the film that just came out? [duplicate]

Fortunately, I managed to cover questions about avengers-endgame with my hand before I could see it. I'm actually a bit angry at those who ask questions about the new film immediately after they ...
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