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Please help me improve this question

A question I posted yesterday is currently sitting on two closevotes with two downvotes. What does this dialogue mean in The Barefoot Contessa (1954)? I'd very much like to know how to improve this ...
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How should we handle "What if" questions?

Questions asking "what if" are off-topic as per the Help-Center: To prevent your question from being flagged and possibly removed, avoid asking subjective questions where … ... you are ...
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Remove 'Too localized' as a valid close question reason

In response to IandotKelly's suggestion that I quit whining and start being pro-active about the pedantry on this site (my words, not his by the way!), I'd like to request that we disregard the ...
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Should we allow questions asking opinions about what type of shot is in a given screenshot?

I came across this question in the Close votes review queue — Open vs closed shot. Would you classify this image from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children as an open frame or a closed frame? ...
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Why straight-forward question is getting close votes for being "too broad"?

Why is straight-forward question getting close votes for being "too broad"? Why did Spielberg use fictional characters (informants Louis and Papa) in Munich too broad - if your question could be ...
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Is it on-topic to ask for advice on filmmaking?

A question asking, “How would you credit people who gave writing suggestions but did not actually participate in writing?” was recently left open in the close votes review queue and currently remains ...
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Where can you find help about finding movies and TV shows?

I have a question about my Movies & TV Stack Exchange post: Where can you watch the 2003 documentary "Joined for Life"? I want to watch the documentary I was asking about in the ...
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