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Why was this VLQ answer converted to a comment?

The question What is this White Horse a reference to recently received the following answer: Two references actually. That's Buster Scruggs. And twin peaks. This, to me, is a textbook very low-...
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Specifically for this site, how should the "no longer needed" comment flag be used?

Inspired by events in this question: Why didn't the Ex-Wife work? The purpose of a comment in Stack Exchange as I understand is to improve a question as given here: Comments are for, and should ...
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Value of speculation, partial answers, and answers in comments

What is the value of providing speculative answers, partial answers, or answers (usually uncited and under-supported) in comments? These are comments that the author was not confident enough to ...
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Do you think this title needs change?

When you want to vote for a comment, it says: "This comment adds something useful to the post". But there are many examples that a comment has received many up-votes just for being funny; so ...
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Why did my comment get deleted?

On this question What's the difference between "and" and "&"? I made the following comment The title should have been 'What's the difference between “and” & “&...
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Why was my comment and the reply deleted?

Why was my comment on Explain down votes deleted? Why was the reply to it also deleted? And no others?
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What happened to my comment?

I commented on the top answer (by KutuluMike) for this question two days ago. Why is the movie called "8 mile"? The answer as was written had incomplete/misleading information about the ...
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Why is removal of this comment being denied?

I keep flagging a certain comment on one of my questions for elimination, and it keeps getting denied. The comment is on Why were 2 episodes omitted from the "The Tick" DVD releases, and ...
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