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Why was my old question was marked as a duplicate of a newer question?

A question I asked 2 years ago Robot is prize for winning arcade game, then tries to kill everyone? was marked as a duplicate of a question asked a few hours ago '90s kids movie about a game ...
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Shouldn't these questions WRT "It Follows" be closed?

I watched "It Follows" yesterday, and afterwards I suspected there might be some questions about it on this SE. There are only four, but some of them are troublesome. (Beware, spoilers ahead.) ...
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3 votes
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Which of two Breaking Bad questions to close as duplicate?

There are currently two Breaking Bad questions about Walt picking up character traits from his enemies, which are clearly exact duplicates of each other: What are some examples of Walt and Jesse ...
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6 votes
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Asking Duplicate questions from SciFi to gain movie perspective

As far as I understand, cross posts between SciFi and movies are allowed SciFi/Movies overlap Though, I have recently found out that this is not the case when the user posting the duplicate is aware ...
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