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Guidelines for migration from Science Fiction & Fantasy

I'm putting together an effort on Science Fiction & Fantasy to give users guidance for when they should migrate1 a question from SFF to a different site on the network. Movies & TV generally ...
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Can this old ID question of mine get migrated to SciFi.SE, please?

About three years ago, when I first joined, I asked this ID question: Cartoon in which Donald Duck tries to stop another duck from committing suicide. When ID questions were made off-topic in early ...
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Migrate a question

I found a question that I think will be better suited on either ELL or ELU. But when I try to flag the question using This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network, All I can see ...
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Why was my non-science fiction question moved to Science Fiction & Fantasy?

Last year, I posted the following TV-show identification question on the site: What show did Yakko, Wakko, and Dot make frequent silent cameos in? Animaniacs was an animated TV show made in the 90's ...
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ID questions about sci-fi or fantasy films

So apparently ID questions are going to be banned on this site. Some of the ID questions posted here are about films in the science fiction or fantasy genres, which would be on-topic at the sister ...
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What happened with this question that was migrated to meta... why was it closed rather than duped?

Due to a question on SFF, I was playing with the 10K tools and looking around a bit. When I clicked on the "rejected" tab, I was surprised to find only one... this one: This is a dupe of our "what ...
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What's up with the migration?

I have asked this question, originally on Scifi and Fantasy. After a bit of discussion, it was voted that it should be migrated to english.stackexchange, but was for some reason migrated here. Yes, ...
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Where are our migration options?

In closing question section, we are not showing a migration list. Like stack-overflow. Similarly in movies and TV not coming in there migration list. Both SF&F ...
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Why was this migrated?

Why was this question migrated to Sci Fi Stack Exchange? I get why it is linked to the Sci Fi, as the OP discusses both a book and a movie and it does have a science fiction story... But the fact ...
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Should anime questions be migrated to anime.stackexchange?

How should we approach to this situation? What goes to movies.stackexchange and what goes to anime.stackexchange related to animes? Details: movies.stackexchange has anime tag but there is no ...
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Should MSO related questions allowed on this meta?

I have seen many questions (above 30 ) on which are already present on . e.g How to format a link in a comment? Check number of ...
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How to migrate Movies & TV question to Sci-Fi & Fantasy?

When I flag a question the only option for migration is moving it to meta Movies & TV? How do I move it to another Stack Exchange site?
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If a question is migrated to another Stack Exchange site, do you still keep the original rep on the original site?

I asked a Lord of the Rings question and it was moved from Movies and TV to Sci-Fi. I have earned rep from that question on Movies and TV but I also now earned rep on Sci-Fi for that question. Will ...
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How do you distinguish when a question should be asked at SE movies vs. SE scifi?

There are a lot of questions on which relate to Sci Fi movies and TV shows. It seems like this site would be the place to ask those questions. Is there a difference ...
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Migration paths

I think this is as good a place as any to start keeping a meta record of what our migration paths should be once we reach that stage of our site. Currently, in beta, we cannot have any more paths set ...
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Request for better 'belongs on' suggestions for flagging as off topic

When you try to flag a post as off-topic, the only option you get is to suggest to migrate is to meta. Can I suggest we start to have some more options here, for example ...
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