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Can I ask for help identifying a piece of music in a TV series episode?

I want to identify a musical piece played by a character in a TV series episode. Would such a question be on topic? If not, could you potentially suggest where I could look for such information?
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Assuming song identification is still on-topic, is this community okay being referred as an alternative resource on Anime & Manga SE?

Anime.SE has just deprecated song identification, thus inspired by Movies.SE for providing the alternative resources, we also have our own here. Currently, we are looking for alternative sites that ...
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Should we add Music ID to the FAQ?

We've gotten a little influx of Music ID questions as of late. I was wondering if we should specifically add Music Identification to the off-topic section of the FAQ. Maybe changing it to: Please ...
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Should questions about which artist sang or played a song or music in a movie be allowed?

A question of mine, "Boys Don't Cry (1999 film): Who is the band or artist that played the cover of the song, “Boys Don't Cry”, by The Cure, in this film?" was recently closed as off-topic. What is ...
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