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Please update the site's close reasons, site tour, and help center to reflect the community consensus that trivia questions are no longer off-topic [duplicate]

It's been almost 3 months since the meta post, Which trivia questions are on-topic and which are off-topic? (+15/0 votes) was posted. It currently has two answers (+19/-1 and +11/-1 votes) stating ...
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What is our policy regarding questions with close to zero research? [duplicate]

Today I found these two questions: Beep Road Runner Real? What was the first full-length film that was a musical? These are just two examples of questions whose answer can be found easily ...
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What's wrong with this title?

What's wrong with Black Widow? Seriously, what's wrong with this title? See this revision history. People are making trivial changes to the title. While the third revision to the title claims to get ...
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What is the policy regarding writing an answer which is borrowed from another Q&A website and given due citation?

Recently I posted a question about the TV show Scrubs. Later I myself found a good answer to a similar question on Quora. Quora is well known Q&A website. The above answer's author's bio ...
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I got downvoted for asking help with a movie that I barely ever remember [duplicate]

On the Movies & TV Stack Exchagne site, I asked "What is the movie that features a wife killing her husband after finding out he killed many innocent people during the war?" A person commented "...
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Cinema-history tag seems to be attracting trivia

Since trivia is banned why do we allow questions like "What was the first/most X", "Who was the first/most X to do X" on the cinema-history tag? It seems to me that those will be questions will ...
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Questions regarding obviously pirated movies

So we have this question regarding The Expendables 3 show up this morning. The problem? The Expendables 3 hasn't ...
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Do we have a policy on swearing / cussing? [duplicate]

I've just had one user flag 4 posts for the use of the work "fuck" in them. What should be the policy here? Honestly I don't find the word offensive in the way it is being used in these questions, ...
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Policy for list questions

There is nothing in our What topics can I ask about? that outlaws list questions. There is nothing in our What types of questions should I avoid asking? that outlaws list questions. In his post Real ...
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Is there any problem using 18+ words on M&Tv

I want to know that is there any problem in using of 18+ words or do we have any limit in using the abusive words. I mean during description of any movie scene etc can we use 18+ words.
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What's the policy on spoilers?

There's going to be lots of posts that ruin endings, how to deal with them? Should spoilers be included in the question title?
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