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Criteria for what is on-topic and off-topic for this site.

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Questions about commentaries

Would questions about clarifying things heard while watching a movie or TV episode commentary be on-topic on the main site? If someone wondered what a term or reference meant, from a commentary track, ...
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Are questions about DVD's of movie/TV-shows on-topic?

Are questions on movie DVD's, whether related to their content, or any technical details such as format, region, etc. (sample questions below), on topic for movies.SE, even though they may be specific ...
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Are questions on stand-up shows on topic?

Could stand-up shows be discussed on Movies.SE? I'm aware that such a category could easily be abused because it's hard to distinguish between the "show" and the comedians themselves but nevertheless ...
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Can I ask a question regarding the history of television?

I'm a newcomer at this stackexchange site and I haven't found the site guidelines and the kind of questions which are supposed to be asked. I wanted to ask a question regarding when a particular ...
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How should we handle "What if" questions?

Questions asking "what if" are off-topic as per the Help-Center: To prevent your question from being flagged and possibly removed, avoid asking subjective questions where … ... you are ...
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I recently asked two questions specific to DVD releases; do they belong here or in another group?

I recently asked this and this, both related to DVD releases of cartoon robots and cartoon super-heroes respectively. Is Movies and TV the appropriate place to ask about them, or is Sci Fi and ...
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Should we allow questions asking opinions about what type of shot is in a given screenshot?

I came across this question in the Close votes review queue — Open vs closed shot. Would you classify this image from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children as an open frame or a closed frame? ...
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I am interested in classic TV and Radio -- I think classic TV (like 1940s-1960s) are okay, but what of radio?

I currently have a specific question about an old and extremely obscure radio show -- is Movies the place where it can be asked? Is there a better stackexchange (I find one for amateur (Ham) radio but ...
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Is asking about the events depicted in a "biographical" movie on topic?

The question "Why no weapons aboard ship?" isn't on topic in my opinion, and this is backed up by the question's opening line: While my question regards piracy in general, the movie Captain ...
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Why is my question unimportant? Why is it considered a trivia?

This question was recently closed for the reason of being "unimportant trivia": What is the worst month to watch movies in United States? I would like to ask the community why this is. Why is it ...
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Why was the "Songs sung in Beetlejuice (1988)" question deleted?

Why was the "Songs sung in Beetlejuice (1988)" question (Internet Archive mirror) deleted? Screenshot: I thought that a general (Stack Exchange's, cross-site) rule of thumb says that: We'...
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Why is a question about a performer's acting history an "identification question", or more generally why is it off-topic?

I've asked if a certain TV comedy performer has done certain kind of act (in a show) before. It was closed as an "identification question" (with that link). Why is it an identification ...
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Is it on-topic to ask for advice on filmmaking?

A question asking, “How would you credit people who gave writing suggestions but did not actually participate in writing?” was recently left open in the close votes review queue and currently remains ...
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