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Changing tags from [the-fairly-oddparents] to [the-fairly-odd-parents]

Could someone rename the-fairly-oddparents to the-fairly-odd-parents as this is not one singular word...
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We need dynamic titles

I was about to ask a question on a movie currently in cinemas. Since I want to avoid spoilers in the title, I end up with stupid titles such as What did he do in that scene? It simply does not make ...
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what if we use seperate tag for low quality questions?

I've seen often new users' questions get into hold because of off-topic, unclear and trivia. What if we use separate tag for those questions so we can easily find what was gone bad and ultimately ...
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Could we have a leaderboard saying who got the most reputation in a week on the main questions page? or even monthly? top 10 best reputation earners?

I was just wandering and it could add to the challenge and enthusiasm of users getting reputation. COuld also increase competition.
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Italics in titles?

Normally the title of a film is in italics, and although this can be done with enclosing asterisks in the body of a question, this does not work in question titles. Is there a way to put text in ...
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Redirect users with ID questions to reddit Specifically designed for identifying movies or whatnot. What are your thoughts? I believe this is going to work because the site has many people active and also there will ...
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MOVIES & TV community name need to be CAPS in communities drop down list?

In the explanation by the community moderator's answer The all-caps style of captions is inherent to the style of this site, as also evident from the site's logo text, which isn't "Movies & TV" ...
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I'd like to see the up- and down-votes of my posts

The StackExchange sites make great deal about hiding up- and downvotes since that information is given as a privilege. I don't understand however why that information is still hidden in my posts. As ...
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I'm in danger of being blocked from asking questions, but I have asked no question?

Why have I received this warning if apparently I haven't asked any questions? If I have asked a question and it was deleted, why can't I see it privately? This would be useful so that I can remember ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How to properly close recommendation questions?

As of recent there were quite a few questions asking for movie recommendations, which are currently off-topic on this site, and those questions arise now and then and are usually closed quite fast and ...
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Would a spoiler tag be a good idea?

This question is about asking how to make spoilers easier to markup: Can we have a spoiler button? I'm a fan of movies and, as such, tend to appreciate spoiler markup. But it seems that it not what ...
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-6 votes
2 answers

Can we have a spoiler button?

Spoilers are pretty essential to a site like this, but as a new-ish user, I have no idea how to put them in. I feel like there should be a spoiler button on the input box, next to the quote button, ...
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Uncap the mini-headers in the sidebar

Similar to the already completed request to uncap the usernames. Please do the same with mini headers in the sidebar, but the first letter should remain capital, of course (as done on other sites, e....
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4 votes
2 answers

How to get an official blog for a site?

How SE sites get official blogs like SciFi? Even have it which is still in beta. How can we propose that?
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-7 votes
2 answers

Why does this site exist?

I don't want to point fingers, but one fairly prolific answerer gets 90% of his answers from Wiki and posts them here, with a sentence here and there interspersed that essentially recaps his copy/...
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Do we have our own database?

There are so many actors all around the world, and we can also get the information on wikipeia. But can we create our own database for the information (accurate). And can we make another search box ...
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Merge Request: Merge [marvel-cinematic-universe] & [marvel] -> [marvel-universe]

I've been looking at these two tags, trying to come up with some reasons as to why we have both of them. I started by looking at the descriptions: marvel (No Description) marvel-cinematic-universe ...
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2 answers

Do we need a retag tag?

On Anime SE, there is a retag tag. You use it when you are choosing a new anime with no existing tags. This way, the members with more points can create a tag for that anime. Do we need something ...
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An individual should see list of closed posts by him and there should be a badge for closing posts

Currently I see no arrangement for viewing the list of posts that were closed by a user in his profile. I think there should be a list of these questions in the profile page of a user and details of ...
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Are tag synonyms necessary?

I don't see the point of tag synonyms. I see bond for james-bond and nolan for Christopher-nolan. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a mod approve tags? We can even have people with enough rep do ...
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What's the strategy to bring the Sci-Fi.SE users to M&TV.SE too?

There are lot questions asked in sci-fi, that genuinely belongs on our site i.e movies and tv. Now,I suspect most of the users might not know that there is an SE site for movies and tv. So how can we ...
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Promotion through Gaming.SE - ideas needed

Gaming.SE has a Community Promotion Ads contest that might be interesting for us: The short version is: Post a small ...
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Question about movies to watch

Can we ask on this forum about recommendations of movies we could watch? Questions like: "What new do you think is worth from ?", "What do you think about , is it worth to watch? "
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