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Should we allow questions asking opinions about what type of shot is in a given screenshot?

I came across this question in the Close votes review queue — Open vs closed shot. Would you classify this image from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children as an open frame or a closed frame? ...
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1 answer

Close Vote invalidated?

I recently saw this question Why didn't Lisa Simpson become an atheist? which, to my mind, seemed to be asking for opinions and I voted to close as such. I understand that others might disagree as to ...
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Identification meta questions on the Twitter account

I’ve noticed a couple of questions being posted on the Movies.SE Twitter account recently that are no longer valid: Movie identification details template Can we prioritise non-identify questions on ...
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Why is a mod revealing private VTC information?

VTC are private unless the question is closed. Yet multiple mods here have no problem publicly blasting this information. Why is this happening?
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