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Why does Movies Stack Exchange have low activity even on very popular titles?

The very short answer is that the site's userbase has declined dramatically in the past few years. Engagement levels are lower than they've been at any point in the site's history. Voting engagement ...
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Why was the "What is the name of this Peanuts character?" question removed from the Hot Network Questions list?

The question you reference is not a good question. In fact the jury is still out if this is even an appropriate question. It slams really hard along the edge of episode identification and in fact if ...
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Have identification question on meta been considered?

The meta site is not suitable for identification questions I disagree with your proposal to use the meta site for identification questions. The meta site is meant for discussing the main site, not for ...
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Why wasn't a movie identification site created?

A movie identification SE site was actually created. This one. Movies & TV SE used to accept movie identification questions, as you can see from this meta post: Shall we ban identification ...
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