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What about Halloween Week around the last week of october. 31st October is Halloween and with that, some horror movies are also coming like the 7th installment of Paranormal Activity, called Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin, Edgar Wright's Last Night in Soho and maybe more. So why not take this opportunity and do Halloween Topic of the week again?


The number one problem I see with this is whether or not it is provable. If there is a script to the show/movie and the joke is in the script, then that is provably intentional. If the joke was an ad-lib in an otherwise scripted thing, then that was probably intentional and most definitely intentional on the part of the director or producers to leave it in. ...


Not only HNQ, but the search engine and other websites that may have a link to the post also play the role in getting views. I have a question that had around 5k views when it got out of HNQ, but now it has over 112k views. If I put the term "Leta Lestrange fear", this question comes up on the first page. In your case, if I search the phrase "...


The conjecture I'd propose is that The Princess Bride is a very popular movie - it's a cult classic. I'm certain that many people watch it and a subset of them are curious enough about that phrase to go to Google and search for it. When I search Google in an incognito Chrome window for the phrase "what does never get involved in a land war in Asia mean?&...


Questions about stunts are indeed on topic here. We even have a tag for them.

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